Riley Rants and She is Right

Why are the big bad companies trying to trick girls into buying princesses?

Cognitive psychology tells us that media acts as socialization agents. And we are (or we should be) all aware of it, and it doesn’t matter how old you are to see that in action. Riley, in the video, is only four years old. The effects of media is clear to her and is a very visible phenomenon for her. She just doesn’t have all the answers and solutions…yet. When will everyone hear it? When will we share the kind of burning passion Riley has and take a stand?

One thought on “Riley Rants and She is Right

  1. I agree, this girl can completely tell what’s wrong with our society when it come to gender roles. At her age, these toys are the agents of these stereotypes that are most visible to her. What is most disturbing to me is that the news reporter uses such a condescending tone, as if this little girl does not know anything at all when she is actually saying something very intellectual. He is ironically part of the coalition of corporations that perpetuate these feelings, but feels that they are insignificant and should rather be replaced with thoughts on politics..? I agree with you, when will we all share this kind of burning passion, and when will it be taken seriously?

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