Posts to look out for!

Hello hello, people on wordpress––

I’ve been working on multiple posts at once and they are all still half-baked (blog-wise). But I hope to get them “off the press” soon, so watch out for them please!

RuPaul and the Male Gayz

  • What is drag?
  • Drag hierarchy
  • Blurring of gendered and racial identities (White female, gay male, African-American voices)

When Best of Asia meets America

  • This was initially a blogpost that grew into my second response paper. I looked at BoA, a successful and powerful K-Pop singer/dancer, and her attempt at entering the “Dreamworld”––the US mainstream media culture.
  • Price of Entry; Male gaze; who’s telling the story? 

Also also, I am considering a video narrative project for my Gender & Media final project to talk more about K-pop and its evolution into (or adoption of) Dreamworld.

  • Transformation of Korean girl-group, Wonder Girls
    • from Hyuna (of Wonder Girls) to HyunA (solo debut)
    • Innocent image of the past vs. Exotic sexuality of the present (ft. Akon)

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